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Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Camo


Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Camo

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Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Camo

When the working week winds down and free time looms, Wolverine strains at the leash. Designed primarily for recreational use, this go-anywhere ROV is clad in RealTree camo perfect for hunting, fishing, camping… or just exploring.

Wolverine delivers a sportier driving experience than the more utility focused Viking that will have you seeking out the most remote trails. Adjustable, long travel KYB piggyback shocks keep all four wheels driving. User-friendly fully automatic transmission – as well as switchable 2WD and 4WD modes and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) – keeps the Wolverine-R at the front of the hunting pack.

“Yamaha realised there is a large segment of riders who like the feel of a sport machine, but sometimes want the climbing, crawling, and hauling capabilities of a utility machine, and the recreation based Wolverine is designed to fill that need. It’s not a pure sport machine, and not a rack and cinder block toting pure utility machine, but it shares some of the best traits of both. The Wolverine is adventure and exploration waiting to happen,”

All Yamaha ATV and ROVs now come with 3 year factory warranty.

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