Canberra Motorcycle Centre



Before applying for finance please read and agree to the privacy form below.

To make it a little easier on yourself and us, below is a list of what you need to provide when applying for finance!

  1. Drivers licence showing current address
  2. Proof of income:
    • 2 recent payslips (no more than a month old) with employer ABN number and YTD figures, or
    • A letter from your employer on company letter head showing:
    • Employer ABN number
    • Net weekly wages
    • Gross annual figures
    • Employment status (i.e. permanent casual)
    • Length of time in job, or
    • If self employed, your most recent personal tax assessment or tax return and profit and loss or a letter from your accountant
  3. Bank statement showing your name and nominated BSB and account details for direct debit
  4. Rates notice or rent receipt / lease agreement
  5. Current insurance policy or policy number
  6. Certificate of registration, keys and log books for any trade in
  7. Bank cheque made payable to Canberra Motorcycle Centre