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MX Day at Larbet MX

MX Day at Larbet MX

We had a great day last Sunday at the local MX track, Larbert’s.

Fresh from his return to Supercross (which he nailed), our rider Lawson Bopping helped set up a great day at his track with his longtime coach, Dave Harvey.

People may have seen the pit tents and CMC truck at the track on Sunday (either at the track or heading out) and a group of approx 15 riders. We were lucky enough to have Dave join some CMC customers and ambassadors for a full day of technique drills.


Anyone lucky enough to have spent any time with Dave would know how valuable his advice is.  It really seems that it didn’t matter your riding experience, you were getting something out of the session. we had it all, first timers to National level riders, and the boys on the 65’s are always great to watch, mixing it with the big boys!


The structure of the day is very inclusive, Dave has the ability to break through to riders. We also had some parents scooting down in the debrief sessions to listen in. The feedback from these guys was outstanding, the classic ” wow, never thought of it like that”, “we haven’t been shown that way” seemed to be the common thread.


We stuck around and held a bbq and supplied some cold drinks. Something that the riders appeared to appreciate, however, we hope to provide a little more for the next one. You work up quite the appetite after hours on the bike. On this that, the riders reported back saying they had clocked up over 2.5 hours of pure ride time.


Simply, this was a success and we are going to hold it again.

November 4th is the next scheduled date, keep an eye on FB for tickets, we will have to cap this to 25 riders….Don’t miss out!