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Kawasaki Ninja 400 – CMC Review

Kawasaki Ninja 400 – CMC Review

The all-new Kawasaki Ninja 400

This LAMS weapon capitalises of the widespread success of its 300cc predecessor, utilising Kawasaki ’s tried and tested formula for a leaner bike, updated with the features from Kawasaki’s big bore sports bikes.

The Ninja 400 benefits from an all-new frame and a 103cc bump in displacement but maintains key features that led to the previous model’s dominance of the learner market including a low seat height, a smooth and easy to use gearbox, ABS brakes standard and all in an affordable sports bike package.

Swinging a leg on the new Ninja feels distinctively like the outgoing Ninja, with a 780mm seat height been carried over from the previous leaner Ninja. The Ninja 400 offers a comfortable and easy to manage bike for newer riders this is achieved via the raised clip-on handlebar which is swept back make for a comfortable and upright riding position, making this bike ideal for city traffic and commuting. This in combination with the featherweight assist-and-slipper clutch makes the Ninja a breeze to negotiate through worst traffic Canberra has to offer.

The increased engine capacity has led to different feel from the engine, the little twin is still quick to build revs making sportier riding utilize the light gearbox, the displacement bump and revised air intakes has led a broader range of power with a noticeably more responsive midrange when compared to other lightweight sports bikes. The digital cluster with analogue tachometer has trickled down to the bigger Ninja 650, featuring a clear and easy to read display including a gear indicator a selling point for learner riders. The Ninja 400 features styling heavily influenced by the current ZX10R completed with LED lights.

The revisions to the frame, suspension and brakes round out the updates. These additions make the 400 light and responsive to direction changes and stable mid-corner with stopping power completely adequate for the power of the new engine.

The Ninja 400 is positioned to replace the outgoing 300 as one of the most popular bikes on the leaner market, the Ninja 400 offers an alternative to the existing 300cc class bikes on the market while also going after the bigger and more expensive 650’s, for the rider looking for a bike to last the distance of their restricted license.

VALUE-  The Ninja 400’s pricing is set where you would expect a 400 to be priced higher than some of the 300cc offers while being significantly under the 650cc competition.

Availability-  The Ninja 400 is available now in three different colours, KRT green, Orange and Black and a solid Black.

Others to consider- The Ninja 400 is up against a range of leaner approved machines, including the CBR300R and the Yamaha R3. The Ninja also offers an alternative to the larger capacity bikes including the CBR500R, SV650 and the MT07.

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